What to Consider When Remodeling Your Master Bath

november 2, 2022

In every remodeling or renovation project, most clients are not aware of how much detail and planning actually goes into a renovation project. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? That is what we are here for. So I thought I’d share some of what to consider when remodeling YOUR master bathroom!

This is an example of a master bathroom remodel, but it is also a great example of all of the details that go into the process of a bathroom renovation. From the pictures below you can see this bathroom was very cramped and had a dysfunctional layout.


It is important to make sure to address even the smallest of details in order to get a remodeling project done right the first time. Here are just a few questions you should ask yourself if you’re considering a bathroom renovation anytime soon:
How many people will be using the bathtub at once?Do you have another bathtub in the home? (This is important for future re-sale.)How many people will be showering at once?Do you want a private space for the toilet? (And how strong do you need the ventilation?)How old are you? And how long do you anticipate keeping the house?
And you thought interior design was just making houses pretty!
The last question is key for those who live in their “forever home”.  As we age, details such as grab bars and curb-less showers should be considered. The master bathroom is the second most important room in the house (next to the kitchen). This is true when you live there, and also when you’re ready to sell your house for maximizing your return on investment.

We encourage our clients to make a wish list of everything they can imagine in the bathroom, and then we scale it according to their budget and their “must haves”.

A thorough renovation is not just about updating the bathroom countertops and shower tile, it can include heated floors, towel warmers, intricate tile details, plumbing relocation and more! When you hire an interior designer to help you plan a renovation, we aren’t just picking out pretty finishes for you. We also ensure that the design will FIT into the space allotted. We create detailed floor and space plans down to the inch. Not only to meet general design practices and guidelines, but also for proper scale and balance.

Getting back to our example, you can see in the “before” photos, there are two picture windows, one above the bathtub and another window on the R exterior wall next to the shower stall. In this space, there is so much natural light from the center window over the bathtub and skylight, it was not a lighting detriment to remove the window to the R of the shower. This allowed us to create a double vanity on that wall with mirrors above.  Moving the shower to where the old vanity was on the left side of the bathtub was an ideal solution allowing us to maximize the size and functionality of the shower.


The harmony in this space begins by the size of the mirrors, which is the same width as the vanity. The balance continues as the vanity lights are each centered over the mirrors and sinks, as are the faucets and the vanity doors. You may not think these details are important to consider when you are renovating a bathroom, but if they are overlooked, you will always feel that something is “off”. Not only did we create a beautiful space for our clients, but the consideration given to scale and balance also creates a peaceful harmony.

If you are thinking about a small or large renovation in your home, please give us a call to ensure your satisfaction! Hiring a professional pays for itself in the kitchen and bathroom details, regardless of whether you are going to dwell or sell.