Why hire an interior designer

september 21, 2022

To save you time, money and unnecessary stress

Just like hiring a Financial Planner to aide in managing your money for retirement, education or other life goals, an Interior Designer is your financial steward before, during, and after your design project. Having a solid Interior Designer on board means they will take note of the budget and work to keep your finances on target. Designers know what to look for & how to manage the system to keep the money in their client’s pocket.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the expense of paying for an Interior Designer outweighs the costs of DIY and rookie mistakes. Having a Designer on board will actually help make you money when it comes time to refinance, rent, or sell your home. To maximize the financial investment of designing with an Interior Designer, bring the Designer in the moment you’ve decided you want to remodel to keep costly mistakes at bay.

Let’s Keep it Real…

Reality TV is completely different than realistic construction expectations, budgets, timelines, & processes. As much as we love HGTV and the DIY movement, it doesn’t paint a real picture of the plausible possibilities [or restrictions] of redesign. Given the misguided information out there, hiring an Interior Designer will keep your project focused on the attainable. We will sculpt a realistic timeline and educate you on the feasibility of your project desires so that your expectations are met. Working with a Designer means you’ll have insider information on realistic timelines for construction, tradesmen availability and procurement [order lead times, backorder statuses, & shipping].

Large projects don’t happen in 60 minutes, 60 days, or 6 months anymore — Interior Designers have established relationships with “To The Trade Only” vendors. Inside knowledge of industry shipping and delivery timeframes are important details when it comes to decorating your home that an Interior Designer can help you navigate. The relationships Designers have will aide in your goods arriving on time and on budget for your installation. This also means you’ll have access to furniture pieces, unique finishes, fabrics, and wall coverings that aren’t available to the public.  

Great design requires tailoring every detail of your home to how you live, work and play. Hiring an Interior Designer will make your dreams a reality while providing you with a great return on your investment for years to come. Are you ready to invest? If so book a discovery call today!